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WORKS …just bites of them

360°_VIDEO Once upon a time…

With more than 9 years of experience in the field of movie production, adv and medias I developed a specific attitude in the motion graphic, video editing, 3D art and communications. Clarity, spontaneity and simplicity are the main dimensions through which creativity has to run with the constant thought that there's often much more to watch instead of to show!

Pre production

…And the ideas turn into screenplay, storyboards and scheduling...


Live video shooting, graphic creations or just bars and tones?

Post Production

Editing, special FX and whatsoever in order to sharp the look!

2D/3D animation

Cool stuff that could only be created keeping reality outside from the window.

CLIENTS 100% customized productions

MATES Couldn't never live without...

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Massimiliano Brunoro (My CV).
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